Connecting an Ardexa Device to the Internet

There are three things that an Ardexa device needs to connect to the Ardexa service:

  • an IP address
  • a DNS server
  • a connection to the internet

IP Address

By default, all Ardexa devices are configured to use DHCP.  If the network where the device will connect does NOT support DHCP, please contact your Account Manager.  You will need to provide the following details about the target network:

  • a static IP address for the device to use
  • the subnet mask
  • the gateway server
  • the DNS server

Connection to the internet

The device does NOT require any incoming connections and has a firewall built in blocking all incoming connections.

The Ardexa Agent running on the device (the software that connects to the cloud) needs to be able to connect to on port 5671.  This is the only outgoing connection that the device requires, so all other connections can be blocked if required.

This connection cannot use a proxy server, it must connect directly.

If you CANNOT provide a connection to the internet from the target network, most Ardexa devices have a second network interface which can be used for internet access.  If you require this setup for your device, please contact your Account Manager.

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