Static IP Address

This article details how to manually configure the network using ArdexaLinux. For browser based tools, please refer to the following articles:

ArdexaLinux uses the "netctl" network management tool for managing ethernet interfaces and IP addresses.

To set a static IP address, please use the following template

Description='A basic static ethernet connection'
DNS=('' '')

Please note the following rules

  • Interface identifies the target ethernet interface and largely depends on the device. For example, on an Advantech UNO 2271, LAN A is enp1s0 and LAN B is enp2s0. For a list of all available interfaces, run `ip a`.
  • Address is a list of one or more IP addresses using CIDR notation. Each address must be surrounded with single quotes and space separated
  • Gateway is optional
  • DNS is optional and is also a space separated list of addresses.

Once you have filled in all the necessary details, save the file with the same name as the Interface, e.g. `enp1s0` and then copy the file to `/etc/netctl` on the target device.  Please note that this file MUST NOT have a file extension such as TXT.

To activate the new configuration, either restart the machine or run `netctl restart enp1s0`, replacing enp1s0 with with the name of the interface being updated.

For full details on all the available options, please see the netctl manual:


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