Tunnelling using the Ardexa Agent

The Ardexa Ardexa allows you to tunnel specific services from remote machines to your local computer, making it possible to securely access remote services, such as web servers, from any machine that has internet access.

To get started using the TUNNEL feature, you will need to download and install our small client (requires NodeJS). Please follow the instructions in the readme.

Once you have downloaded the client and installed the dependencies, simply run:


to get started.  Type

./tunnel-client --help

for more information on the available options

Essentially the tunnel-client will log into the API for you and set up a TUNNEL between your machine and the remote agent.  It will require:
  • The agent you wish to tunnel through
  • The IP address of the remote machine you wish to connect to ( if you want to connect to the local machine or any IP address accessible from the remote machine)
  • The port number you want to tunnel to on the remote machine
  • The local port number that you want the client to listen on (if you wish to listen on a port below 1024, you will need super user privileges).
For example, to SSH to the remote machine, you would use the following details:
  • IP:
  • remote port: 22
  • local port: 2222
Then run SSH to connect
ssh -p 2222 user@localhost
And you will be logged into the remote machine! The client will let you input all this information on the command line, or you can simply run the client and it will ask you for all the necessary information.
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