Network configuration using Ardexa Cloud

If you are able to connect your device to the internet, then you have the option of using the Ardexa Cloud to configure your network settings.

Browse to Devices -> Manage and click on the Target Device. Open the NETWORK tab and click "Check machine is ArdexaLinux".  This will display all of the available ethernet and WiFi interfaces along with their current status and configuration.


For WiFi interfaces, you will have additional options to set the SSID and Password or Scan for WiFi Networks to check that a target SSID is in range.


To switch from DHCP to a static IP address (or vice-versa), change the Address Type from "dhcp" to "static" and then enter the details of the network.  Once all the details are correct, click "Validate".


If you do not require a Gateway or DNS for this network segment (e.g. your internet access is provided by a different interface), please check the appropriate box to opt out of these settings.

Now the new configuration is ready to be applied.  Click "Save" to write the configuration to the Target Device and then as the final step, click "Restart" to reload the interface configuration. PLEASE NOTE: This will cause the agent to disconnect if the details are incorrect or do not apply to the network segment where the device is currently connected.

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