Reconfigure a machine with a Static IP address

Ideally, before you remove a machine from a network segment requiring a static IP address, you should use the Ardexa Agent to set all ethernet interfaces back to DHCP so that the machine can be redeployed with ease.

However, if you run into a situation where all ethernet interfaces have been given static
IP addresses and you:

  • Remove the machine from the network
  • Forget what the addresses are
  • Don't have SSH enabled

You are essentially locked out of the machine.

While you could attach a screen and keyboard, here are three options for reconfiguring the IP address of the machine without a screen and keyboard:

  • Plug in a WiFi dongle and make sure there is an ArdexaNet SSID in range (e.g. using your phone's WiFi hotspot). Ardexa Linux will automatically try to log into ArdexaNet WiFi networks. Please contact your Account Manager for details.
  • Use USB tethering to let the Ardexa Agent connect to the cloud: 
  • Direct network connection to your laptop
    • To access the network configuration tool (
      • disconnect all network connections from the ArdexaLinux machine
      • connect a network cable directly to your laptop
      • Plug in a USB storage device. It can be and USB storage device (e.g. usb stick, external HDD) and it does not even need a valid partition table.
    • Once ArdexaLinux detects that there is no valid internet connection and a USB storage device is plugged in, it will enable the fallback IP address ( and start up the network configuration tool. This may take up to 5 minutes to activate, so please be patient.
    • After configuring your laptop to use, you will be able to browse to the network configuration tool:
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