Local network configuration tool

This is an experimental feature. Contact Ardexa if you wish to use it. The 172.16 network discussed below will cycle for 1 minute, every 1 minute or so.

ArdexaLinux comes with a built in network configuration tool. It is disabled by default, but is automatically enabled under the following circumstances:

  • A DHCP attempt fails after 30s
  • There is no internet access AND there is a USB storage device plugged in
    • Please note that the USB storage device is just a security precaution to prove that you have physical access to the machine. If internet access is lost during normal operations, the network configuration tool will NOT be enabled.

Under these circumstances, ArdexaLinux will assign itself a static IP address of, the network configuration tool will be enabled and the firewall will be opened to allow access.

Once you have configured your laptop with the address of, you will be able to use the network configuration tool by browsing to

Here you will be able to set static and dynamic addresses for all interfaces, or configure WiFi access for any wireless interfaces.

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