Connecting existing cameras to Ardexa


1. Existing cameras are mostly able to be read by Ardexa. In particular, a snapshot (photograph), or video stream can be captured by Ardexa and sent to the cloud. This article contains the details that need to be known by Ardexa, in order to connect to the camera, and collect a photograph or video from existing camera installations. Another article deals with new installations and selection of optimum cameras.


2. We need the following information to make sure all parameters are known and collected to the cloud:


a. Device make and model of all cameras.


b. The STATIC IP address of the camera. If the IP address is not static, we cannot connect since the address will "float" over the network range and we will not be able to connect.


c. What they are connected to? That is, are they connected to a central recorder or just the local Ethernet network. If they are directly connected to a central recorder, let us know:

1. Device make and model of all recorders,

2. Static IP address of the recorder,

3. Userid password of the recorder.


d. Any userid and passwords used to access the cameras.


e. Whether RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) is turned on. If it isn’t, then turn it on, and make sure you set a userid/password. You will find the ability to turn on RTSP in the configuration menu of the camera.

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