Issue API token

To issue a new API token, browse to Admin -> Access -> API and then click "New Token".

Enter the name and/or email address of the token owner.

Then enter the time to expiry in standard language format, such as '90 days' or '3 months'.

API tokens should not be issued for long periods, as it introduces data control risk.  They should be issued to reflect the situation, but generally not longer than 12 months

  • For test tokens, only use a short duration, such as "1 day", "1 week" or "1 month".
  • For long term API users, we recommend a maximum of "12 months".

Any permission granted to the API token should be the absolute minimum necessary to function correctly.

  • For standard data retrieval, the Search:Read and Devices:Read permissions are sufficient.
  • Other permissions should only be granted if absolutely necessary.  If you are unsure, please contact your Account Manager.

Once you are ready, click "Generate Token".

Once the token is generated, click the "Copy to clipboard" button and save the token somewhere safe.

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