Near Real Time Alerts

Near Real Time Alerting is available in the Ardexa cloud. It is a very useful feature that allows email alerting when you need to be notified of:
a. "Device Offline". When an agent has continuously been offline for some time,
b. "Query". When a set of conditions evaluates to true over a period of time, and
c. "Data is Absent". When a data stream has stopped reporting, even though the agent is online.

Near Real time alerting is available from the "ALERTS" menu item on the Ardexa cloud. There are some issues to note when using Near Real Time Alerting. These are detailed below.

a. Device Groups. When creating an alert, you must specify a "group" of devices. These groupings make it easier to create and manage alerts. A group can contain a single device, or may contain all the devices in the workgroup. In order to create a "device group", or edit an existing one, navigate to; ADMIN -> WORKGROUP -> DEVICE GROUPS.

b. Email Reminders. When a near real time alert is triggered, that is to say the conditions are met for an alert, it will send an email alert to the identified recipients. A resolved email will be sent when the conditions no longer meet the alert criteria. If condition is still active, a reminder email will be sent every 2 hours, 1 day or 1 week. The default is 2 hours, but it can be changed by navigating to ADMIN -> WORKGROUP -> SETTINGS, and changing the Alert reminder setting.

c. Source. For Query or Data is Absent alerts, you will need to specify a data source.  Sources are 1 or many streams of information coming from 1 or more device. Labelling data sources make it much easier for someone to understand the data coming in, without having to understand the underlying data structures coming from the device. Label the source(s) of data, from the device(s), by using the settings in ADMIN -> WORKGROUP -> LABEL SETTINGS.

d. Data is Absent. This alert type reports when data is not being received by the cloud, from the device. If the device is offline, this alert will not be triggered. If an agent is offline, it is assumed that it is functioning, in which case the Ardexa agent will cache all events. When the agent comes back online, all events will be sent to the cloud. If however, when the agent comes back online, the data is not there, then an alert will be raised.


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