Using a TIA Project

When a Totally Integrated Automation project is being utilised the following procedure should be followed to connect your Ardexa tunnel:

  1. Open the TIA Project
  2. Open Services and stop the service S7 S7DOS Help Service (this service occupies port 102)
  3. In the Ardexa App, configure the TUNNEL to use Local and Remote port 102
  4. Start the tunnel with powershell (as Administrator)
  5. Restart the S7 S7DOS Help Service
  6. In TIA navigate to Online -> Extended online
    • NB. Extended online does not work with HMI panels. This is a limitation of the panel.
  7. Choose PN/IE_
  8. Double-click in the IP Address field and enter the value:
  9. Connect to the SPS
  10. (do work)
  11. Go Offline must be clicked before closing the TUNNEL
  12. Close TIA
  13. Close TUNNEL

Running multiple tunnels on the same local port

If you need to use multiple concurrent tunnels and are unable to alter the local port (e.g TIA Portal), you can tell the ArdexaTunnel client to bind to a specific IP address. For example:

ardexa-tunnel $workgroupId $deviceId 102 102 -b
ardexa-tunnel $workgroupId $deviceId 102 102 -b

By binding each tunnel to a specific loopback address, you can connect as many tunnels as you need.

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