Troubleshooting a device that has gone offline


Ardexa machine appears to be offline and we need to find the root cause.  There are a variety of possible causes:

  1. Network is down  (Including Internet is down, Internet contract expired, etc)

  2. Power supply to the network components is interrupted.
  3. Network configuration has changed (including addressing protocols changed, firmware settings changed, firewall updates, software updates in components, etc.)

  4. There is a defective hardware element (router, switch, etc) in the network
  5. The device hosting the Ardexa Agent has failed
  6. Digital certificates required to access the Ardexa Cloud have expired


While there are many ways to approach this issue, we suggest the following steps:

Step A - Connect to the Internet using your laptop to confirm that Internet is available on the network.  If successful, causes 1, 2 and 4 are eliminated.

Step B - Reboot Ardexa device.  If device does not come online within 5 minutes, proceed to the next step.

Step C - USB tether the Ardexa device to connect the device to the cloud (USB tethering procedure).  If device connects, then causes 5 and 6 are eliminated.

Step D- Consult IT Administrator to ensure that device and network configurations match.  The most common issues to investigate relate to routing and/or DNS access, including:
      - changed gateway addresses
      - changed firewall settings (connecting an Ardexa device to the Internet)
      - DHCP server has been removed/changed
      - IP subnet has been changed

Step E - If device still remains offline, please contact Ardexa Support or Ardexa Account Manager.  Before contacting Ardexa, please have the following items ready:

  • display and keyboard connected to the Ardexa device
  • any changed network settings, recent firmware upgrades, passwords or user IDs
  • a copy of the current network configuration

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